MTM sincerely appreciates when you share the work in Haiti with others. Please consider the following tips when sharing:

  • Be positive,
  • Be informed, and
  • Be time sensitive.

You are welcome to download our tri fold brochure to share. As well, consider reading Give Your Best by Andrew DeWitt. Other books that reflect the work of Mountain Top Ministries are Walking in Broken Shoes: A Nurse's Story of Haiti and the Earthquake and After Disaster: An Insider's Perspective from the Heart of Chaos.



For those who are fundraising for a specific project, please contact us for historical information and recent updates about that project as well as costs and materials needed.

For those who are fundraising for their missions trip to MTM, consider some of the following ideas:

  • Write letters to potential donors following the guidelines above. Leave no one out. Communicate to and update potential donors before, during and after your trip.
  • Consider speaking engagements at your church, club or create your own social gathering for the occasion. People will come to hear what you have to say and will want to participate in your adventure, so, give them an opportunity to!
  • Create fundraiser events such as: a dinner party, car wash, sales of all kinds, provide services for pay, recycle.



MTM is often asked about collection drives of specific items. We welcome this avenue of sharing with others. However, please contact us to be informed about what our needs are or to share your ideas with us to see if they fit with this ministry and the culture of those we minister to.

As a culturally sensitive ministry, we do our best to support the local economy. Sometimes it is best to collect monetary donations for MTM to purchase items produced and sold at a reasonable price in Haiti (ex: paper, books in French, miscellaneous school supplies, sulfur soap). At other times we need supplies that can't be economically purchased here (ex: Tylenol, vitamins, miscellaneous medical supplies, paints, markers).

For team members, check with your team leader for a current, specific list of items that are needed that your community can help gather for you to bring.



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