Organize and lead a short-term mission team to serve at the MTM Gramothe Medical Clinic, do specialized teaching or assist with a construction project in the village.


What do I pack?

  • Contact your airline carrier or team leader to ask for details and limitations regarding baggage before your departure.
    • We suggest you use one checked bag and/or carry on for your own clothes and personal items, and use the other to bring ministry supplies in.
    • Remember that your luggage may not arrive when you do, therefore it is suggested that you carry personal items in your carry on.
  • Electric current is the same in Haiti as it is in North America, however, it is not always available or plentiful so be mindful when packing appliances.
  • Wireless Internet is available at the guest house for use with your personal devices.

Where will we be staying?

You will be staying at the Thomassin Guest House while in Haiti. It is located in the mountains about 45 minutes from the Port-Au-Prince airport. This guest house has four rooms with bunk beds, one room with a double bed and three full bathrooms to provide comfortable accommodations for up to 30 guests. The large dining area enables the buffet-style meals to be enjoyed together. A television and dvd player are available for movie watching and a piano is also available for those who play. The outside balcony and newly renovated seeting space allows guests to enjoy the mountain top view and starry night skies. Best of all, the guest house overlooks the MTM mission in the village of Gramothe that is less than a 3-mile hike away.