MTM’s outreach to the people of Haiti is multi-faceted – each ministry entrusted with a mission to meet a particular need and reach people with the love of Christ in a powerful way.



The MTM Gramothe Church seats approximately 500 and is filled to capacity each Sunday! Students from the school and local community members travel near and far to worship together. Sunday School begins at 9:00am with Church following at 10:00am. Throughout the morning, you will hear children practicing their bible verses, ladies discussing their lesson, or the music team rehearsing their songs.

Various programs in the church occur throughtout the week. Some of these include: 

  • Discipleship Training
  • Sunday night and mid-week services
  • Men’s Bible study group
  • Youth group
  • Ladies prayer meeting
  • Choir

Groups from the church travel to other local churches to encourage one another. The ladies group and the youth group will often visit Port Au Prince and local hospitals, as well as the prison to pray with and minister to those in need. They have also been responsible for community charity and benevolent activities. The church is the village hub, a place for the community to gather and celebrate life at every level.

Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic

The first on site clinic in the village of Gramothe took place under the shade of a sheet perched between trees. It was later moved to a classroom at the MTM Gramothe School where eventually a building was constructed. The MTM Gramothe Clinic is able to operate seven exam stations with accommodations for a dentist, a lab and a fully stocked pharmacy. Short term medical teams from North America visit two to three times per month providing a variety of care for the nearly 2,000 or so patients who pass through our facility each month. A file with care history is kept on each patient and health care teaching is provided in the waiting area, including information about hypertension, diabetes, proper hygiene, dental care and nutrition.



ACADEMIC SCHOOLS...MTM operates schools in two locations in Haiti.

Gramothe School:

  • The first MTM school opened in Gramothe during the fall of 1999. School was housed in a single building that doubled as the village church.
  • Within two years, 12 classrooms were built into the mountain side for expansion to meet the needs of the growing number of students.
  • In 2008 with the help of Canadian donors, MTM constructed and opened the MTM Gramothe High School with grades seven, eight and nine. A grade was added each subsequent year to complete the school to graduation at grade 13. 

Dumay School:

  • In 2004 MTM purchased property in the village of Dumay and opened a pre-K through grade 6 school. A high school at the Dumay location was constructed and opened in the fall of 2015. Both schools include a hot lunch program, health care and quality Christian education that places them with some of the highest ranking schools in Haiti.

The MTM schools graduate students with some of the highest rankings of success. Once a student completes grade 13, they have to take a national exam. Each year, MTM students have some of the highest passing rates of all schools in the region. In fact, the school is known for its academics and students from far away will seek enrollment to further their academic capabilities. 


On November 5, 2018, the MTM Trade School officially opened! Students will start their day by attending their academic classes until the mid afternoon. Once those are done, the trade school students continue their education about technical trades including plumbing, electrical work, welding, and construction. A student will graduate with an academic diploma AND with a trade!!!

By opening the Trade School and learning a trade, students can now improve their chances for immediate employement. This will enhance their quality of life which in turn will help improve the community in which they live. 





We knew we could not have a lunch program for the school without water. We could not properly and effectively build in the community without water. Water is life, it would bring a higher quality of life to the village allowing them to have access to clean water for their families as well as for their farms and livestock. In late 2000 a natural spring was presented to Willem, believed to be “cursed” because of the voodoo practice that was done there. Planning began to create a water committee, a dam and 2” pipe to lay throughout the village for water to gravity feed from the source. A 60,000 gallon cistern was also built to collect the overflow which would provide water for the school. As a way to dedicate the work that was done to provide a potable water source to the village, the church held a baptism service of new converts at the site of the natural spring. Tears of joy fell as the bondage of voodoo was broken over what God had meant for HIS glory!

Food Distributions

Food distributions are conducted periodically, specifically to widows, to help eliviate need. Just after the 2010 earthquake, MTM was successful at distributing TONS of food and supplies to thousands.


MTM has helped many families through assisting with home building. Typically, families are expected to participate in the process both with labor and, to a minimal degree, financially.


Paving the road to Gramothe was instrumental in assisting local farmers to get their crops to market. With water they can grow more crops. A paved road gives the ability to use a truck (instead of donkeys and human labor) to take crops to market. Some families have purchased small trucks that are used for this purpose.

Silo Projects

A recent project brought silos to the village of Gramothe. These have been used for the village to have a place to gather (beauty salon, barber shop, local grocery supply).