This week's message from the mountaintop ......Pastor Robens...PEACE BE STILL

​Matthew 14 :22-32

Many people today are having insurance for a lot of thing for example insurance for our house, our cars,our job, our lives ect.  After we insure everything we still living in fear. Our true insurance can only be found Christ. 

The disciples were in the middle of the ocean when the storm came. Do you know what they did?  They kept they eyes on the storm and  guess what? Their boat was sinking. They were being swallowed by the storm. 

The disciples were having a great ride on they boat and suddenly a storm came. They thought they were insured. Today you might think you are safe until a problem comes.

   I have news for you in the middle of the problem JESUS came!  When they start looking at Him instead of the storm --- they were saved, He said peace be still.

What ever situation you are in today Jesus can say to that problem be still and insure your life and everything else in Christ. 

God bless you.