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Mountain Top Ministries exists as a resource that ignites a vision in the Haitian people for their country to recognize their true potential, so that they may take spiritual ownership of their nation to defeat generational poverty village by village.

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"Free this mountain and others will follow"

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How Willem Charles transformed His Haitian Village from Poverty in Voodoo to Prosperity in Christianity.

Give Your Best by Dr. Andrew DeWitt is the remarkable story of Willem Charles, the amazing founder and leader of Haiti’s Mountain Top Ministries. The experiences that brought Charles from his childhood in Haiti to a man dedicated to delivering the message of Jesus Christ are revealed. From his years in mission work and business to his participation as a player in Haiti’s national soccer team, the book displays Charles’s warmth, insight, personal strength and spirituality. A fascinating history of Haiti and an investigation into the transcultural issues of missionary work, this book will make you laugh, cry, and be inspired to Give Your Best.

Give Your Best